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Chabad of Southern Nevada is a major outpost of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch organization which promotes Jewish education and outreach all across the globe. Established in 1990 in Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig’s living room, Chabad of Southern Nevada has since emerged as a dynamic force for Jewish life – with seven thriving centers and 17 Rabbis and Rebbetzins spanning the greater Las Vegas Valley.

Our philosophy remains surprisingly simple: Love every Jew, Accept every Jew, Educate every Jew, Reach out to help every Jew…unconditionally. We open our hearts, our center and all our amazing and unique programs to all, regardless of education and background.


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Weekly Thought

וּפַרְעֹה הִקְרִיב וגו': (שמות יד:י)
Pharaoh drew near. Exodus 14:10
The Midrash offers another interpretation: By chasing them, Pharaoh drew the Jews nearer to G‑d, as evidenced by their crying out to Him when they saw the Egyptian army approaching. Indeed, it is often opposition that awakens our deepest reserves of energy.

When we are confronted with a challenge, we should view it as an opportunity for spiritual growth rather than try to avoid it. Comfort and contentment can cause us to lose sight of priorities, weakening our sense of urgency in our Divine mission. Physical or spiritual adversity can shock us out of this indifference, undermining our self-assurance and affording us the opportunity to advance in our relationship with G‑d by breaking through the obstacle.

- One Plus One

Shabbos Times

Chabad of Southern Nevada

Light Shabbos Candles:
4:51 PM
- Friday, February 3
Shabbos End:
5:50 PM
- Saturday, February 11
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