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Accomodations for Shabbos

Located right on our property, beautiful, fully furnished suites will guarantee that your Shabbos experience in Las Vegas will remain uplifting and enjoyable. To view the suites and to reserve click here.

There are no hotels with Minyonim or Kosher food for Shabbos on a regular basis. During some of the major trade shows, we help organize Minyonim and food at the Hotels.

The major hotels on the Strip and downtown are approximately 4 – 8 miles from Chabad of Southern Nevada, a 1 – 2 ½ hour walk depending on which hotel you are staying in.

The closest hotel to Chabad is Arizona Charlie’s West, 740 South Decatur. It’s less than a mile from the Shul, a 15-20 minute walk. For a Chabad discounted rate, use the corporate code “XCHA18.”

For Shabbos; ask for a room that is not in the tower. The locks are electronic, however, Security knows our needs and they will let you into your room. The a/c runs on a motion detector and should be disabled for Shabbos.

You can order food for Shabbos from Rafi’s Catering, 702 348 8778 or from a number of Kosher Restaurants. For more information click here.
Family Hospitality

If you would like to be hosted with a family within the Chabad community for Shabbos, please contact us a week in advance at 702-259-0770 or email us at [email protected]. We will try to arrange it. Due to Covid-19, at this time, families are not hosting guests. The Chabad Suites are currently open and you can learn more about them here.