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Chabad of
Southern Nevada

Chabad of Southern Nevada is a major outpost of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch organization which promotes Jewish education and outreach all across the globe. Established in 1990 in Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig’s living room, Chabad of Southern Nevada has since emerged as a dynamic force for Jewish life – with nine thriving centers and 20 Rabbis and Rebbetzins spanning the greater Las Vegas Valley.

Our philosophy remains surprisingly simple: Love every Jew, Accept every Jew, Educate every Jew, Reach out to help every Jew…unconditionally. We open our hearts, our center and all our amazing and unique programs to all, regardless of education and background.


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Weekly Thought

נָשֹׂא אֶת רֹאשׁ בְּנֵי גֵרְשׁוֹן וגו': (במדבר ד:כב)
[G‑d told Moses,] “Take a census of the clan of Gershon.” Numbers 4:22
There are two steps in preparing one’s home for an esteemed guest. First the rooms are scrubbed clean; then they are decorated with beautiful furnishings and works of art. The same two steps apply to how we make our lives and ourselves into a home for G‑d. First we rid our lives of what is negative and undesirable and then we do what is good and right.

The clan of Gershon carried the outer coverings of the Tabernacle, which protected it from undesirable elements. This corresponds to our job of avoiding harmful activities and influences. The clan of Kehat, on the other hand carried the furnishings of the Tabernacle, each of which represents a particular positive attribute and activity.

Just as Gershon was born before Kehat, it is necessary to first cleanse oneself of negative behavior in order to be able to properly pursue good. Nonetheless, the clan of Kehat was counted before that of Gershon, since cleansing oneself of negativity is only a preparation for the true work: pursuing good.

- One Plus One

Shabbos Times

Chabad of Southern Nevada

Light Shabbos Candles:
7:42 PM
- Friday, June 14
Shabbos Ends:
8:46 PM
- Saturday, June 15
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