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Goals & Objectives

Educational Goals and Objectives

Goal: To provide students with the opportunity to participate in a high quality Judaic and secular education.

  1. Students will achieve the learning objectives outlined in a carefully designed curriculum from preschool through eighth grade.

  2. The curriculum will meet or exceed local, state and federal requirements for the design and implementation of the curriculum in preschool through eight grade.

  3. The curriculum will be reviewed and reassessed for effectiveness on an ongoing basis with revisions published annually as needed.

  4. Students will be assessed formally and informally on a regular basis to measure their mastery of skills and knowledge.

  5. Students will be engaged in various individual and group learning situations with peers and with teachers to encourage connections between education and daily living skills.

  6. Students will be encouraged to realize the significant inter-connections between the Judaic and secular world.

Goal: To enhance each of the students’ sense of self as a valuable, contributing person to the Jewish community and to the community at large.

  1. Students will learn to assess personal strengths.

  2. Students will learn to establish, pursue, and accomplish personal goals by:

    • Further developing personal and educational strengths

    • Outlining strategies to minimize and compensate for areas of limitation

    • Behaving in a manner that allows for maximum personal learning at all times

    • Learning how to monitor personal progress

    • Students will have opportunities to participate in school sponsored community events which will enable them to use the educational information and skills learned.

    • Students will be encouraged to process, analyze, and apply knowledge gained as a result of participating in community events.

Goal: To instill moral behaviors and ethical standards established by Torah and social laws.

  1. Students will apply moral behaviors and ethical standards learned to their daily lives including, but not limited to, formal class time, free time, and informal activities.

  2. Students will be encouraged through group or individual staff mediated discussion to develop and apply strategies which would ameliorate or resolve uncomfortable or inappropriate situations.

Goal: To implement educational tools, apply critical thinking and Judaic values into community involvement.

  1. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of daily, Sabbath, and holiday prayers, songs and observances in:

    • The congregants daily, Sabbath, and holiday observances.

    • Community celebrations and participation in community services.

Goal: To motivate students to apply knowledge to real life situations.

Students will use and apply various skills and knowledge by participating in activities which reinforce academic principles.

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